Cow Care

The method statement at Stotz Dairy is to treat each cow like she is our only cow. We are very passionate about caring for our cows and know that they are our livelihood. Keeping them happy and healthy is our number one priority.

Cow Comfort

A comprehensive computerized cooling system keeps the cows comfortable in the summer

Corrals are groomed daily to provide a soft, dry, comfortable bed for the cows

Nutrition and Health

Cows are fed 3X a day a meal nutritionally balanced to each stage of lactation by a nutritionist

Cows eat approximately 100 pounds a day. A typical meal for a cow includes alfalfa, corn silage, minerals, and by products such as bakery waste, cull carrots, and almond hulls

Focusing on preventative medicine, a consulting veterinarian is utilized to optimize the health care program

Artificial Insemination is used to mate individual cows to specific sires of superior genetic merit

Pregnancies are confirmed by employees through ultrasound

Calf Housing

Heifer calves born on the dairy are raised on the dairy to become future milk cows

Calves are fed fresh milk twice a day with all day access to grain and water

Young calves are raised in individual cribs to promote health, cleanliness, individualized care and bonding with their human caregivers